Saturday, August 10, 2013

My "no-party"

OMG that was good!

That first glass of wine after six weeks' abstention was interesting indeed!  The wine I drink is very dry and one must acquire a taste for it.  After six weeks away from it, I had to learn all over again that I really like the stuff!  (It didn't take long.)
My little chickadee came through with large wine glasses, and she brought me a pair so that if one breaks, I have a spare.  (They are actually red wine glasses but we don't stand on ceremony around here.  Whatever works!)
I know, I know, the photo actually looks more like beer than wine -- but it really is wine, I promise.  What looks like the "head of beer" is simply the reflection of light from the camera flash.  Honest!

The cake wasn't quite what we ordered and it certainly wasn't decorated to Baker Bob's standards.  The message was what we requested, and the wine glass is obvious (that was John's idea and was a surprise to me -- I quite enjoyed it!).
My striking young man helped me blow out the candles (it won't be long before he'll refuse to do that!).
Then I cut into the cake to serve it.
I wasn't really paying all that much attention as I placed the pieces on the plates but John was horrified.
"That's chocolate," he exclaimed in horror.  "I clearly ordered white cake with white icing -- absolutely NO chocolate!"
Then I looked and saw that I was serving up a chocolate cake with white icing and realized that the outer decoration should have been a clue -- it was all "chocolate" lettering.  Hmmmmmmm.
We'll be taking up the matter with Baker Bob -- the birthday girl gets a chocolate cake when the birthday girl doesn't eat chocolate?  Not a good scene!
So we have half a cake that I'm not going to eat.  Quite a disappointment to the day.  Fortunately it occurred at the end of an otherwise fabulous birthday.
It really is fun being 29!

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