Monday, August 5, 2013

Discouragement on the weight front

I'm getting really discouraged with my weight loss efforts.
There's been no movement in over a month -- other than up and back down, but no net loss.
I'm only just over half way to my original goal so I can't possibly have reached that dreaded plateau yet.
Although everyone tells me I look fabulous, this weight cannot possibly be my body's "comfort" zone.  I'm still, at the very least, ten pounds heavier than I should be (and about 18-28 pounds heavier than the "charts" indicate are my ideal weight).
Admittedly, if I were to get down to what the charts show I should weigh, I'd look a lot like Twiggy. Looking like Twiggy is certainly not my goal.
I simply want to get down to a healthy weight for me.
And I know that I'm almost there.  It's just taking forever to get there!
John keeps saying that "almost" counts.
Yeh, in horseshoes maybe.


Bonnie said...

Don't get discouraged. I have been on my own weight loss journey and understand the ups and downs of trying to lose weight. Hang in there, it will happen for you!

C. Bonnie Fowler said...

Thanks Bonnie
I know it will happen -- eventually. I'm just a bit disheartened right now because I so wanted to be further along by my birthday.
I'm not used to not meeting my goals, if you get my drift.