Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's my baby's birthday!

Today marks my little chickadee's 38th birthday.   (Yes, I'm allowed to admit that I have a 38 year old daughter, although I myself am still only 29!)
My daughter entered the world at 1:16 pm on this date back in 1975, and what a terrific addition to this world she has proven to be.
She has grown to be a marvelous young woman of whom I am extremely proud.
She is a terrific daughter and a truly fabulous mother.
But most of all, my daughter has become a wonderful friend.
She was an early talker, and has been bending my ear non-stop ever since.  In her early years, I can remember wishing she had never learned to talk, she did so much of it!  Now, I look forward to her daily telephone calls, and miss the days that we can't fit one in. One would think we'd run out of things to talk about but somehow, that never seems to happen.
She grew from an adorable toddler ...

... blossomed into a truly stunning young lady ...

... and matured into a beautiful woman, inside and out.

I'm so proud to call her my daughter.
Happy birthday Natalie, my beautiful one! 


N said...

Thanks mommy. Missed talking to you today!

C. Bonnie Fowler said...

But we talked in the morning my little chickadee. I guess your day was so busy you forgot about that early morning call.
Anxious to hear about the rest of your "holiday."

Astrid said...

Happy belated birthday to Natalie! Now I'm really curious how t he two of you got to become mother and daughter, LOL.