Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Things can only get better ...

OMG, yesterday was a complete disaster!
It was physio day, so that meant a trip into the big city.
But I also had a dental appointment so I had to leave the house by 10:30 am.  At breakfast time, John decided he wanted to accompany me (which in and of itself has absolutely nothing to do with my story).
Anyway, I arrived at my dentist's office on time.  Sat myself down in the chair and the hygienist went through the routine questions.
"Did you take your antibiotics this morning?" she asked.
"Ummmm, no I didn't," I replied.  "Never even thought of it!"
Oh, oh.  Houston, we have a problem.
"I don't even know if I have any," I said.  "Dr. Earle told me at one point that I didn't need to take them any more."
There are a lot of differing opinions out there about how long after hip replacement surgery one should take antibiotics prior to dental work being done.  Rule of thumb had always been two years.  Then it was decided that one year was sufficient.  Some now say that it isn't necessary at all.  I am 18 months post-op.
"Given all the variances, does it really matter?"  I asked.
Turns out my hygienist believes in the two-year protocol; my dentist believes in the one-year protocol.  She apparently has convinced him to go along with her feelings on the subject.  (Just to be clear, I also discussed the matter with my family doctor and she too agrees with the one-year limit.)
We agreed that if the dentist agreed to let me take it in the office and allow her to go ahead, that is what we would do.  (Normally, the antibiotic is supposed to be in the system for at least one hour.)
The dentist agreed.
She went off to fetch the antibiotic and came back saying, "This just isn't your day.  We don't have enough!"
So my dental appointment had to be rescheduled.  We'll try again next Tuesday.  At 9:15 am!  I left the office with a prescription for antibiotics, just in case I don't have any at home.
That was "disaster" #1.

I arrived at my physiotherapist's office.  I was getting ready for my session when it dawned on me that I didn't have the prescription cream with me for my ultrasound treatment.  I never even thought of it!  So, we had to do the ultrasound without benefit of the cream.
That was "disaster" #2.

I'm driving home from the physiotherapist's office when I realized that I didn't throw my iPad into the car.  At our first errand stop, I checked and sure enough, I didn't have my iPad!  I called my physiotherapist's office and it wasn't on the floor of the treatment room I used.  "Can you check the washroom please."  Sure enough, there it was.  It has been put in safekeeping until I can fetch it on Friday when I will next be in the city.
That was "disaster" #3.  And disaster it is.  I'm without my iPad until Friday!!!!!!

Now, just in keeping with all the above, on the way home I stopped at the pharmacy to drop off the antibiotic prescription.  Told them I'd pick it up the next day or on Friday.  Got home, checked and found that I actually have an almost full bottle.  Ooops.  Called the pharmacy and told them not to fill that prescription, but to put it on hold for me please.
I then went looking for the prescription cream that I need for the ultrasound treatment.  It wasn't in the basket where it usually lives so I can grab it when I'm leaving for my physio visits.  It definitely wasn't in my purse.  I looked everywhere I could think it might be (which really weren't any other places).  Called my physiotherapist and asked her to please check around her clinic in case I never actually took it home last week (it has 'almost' been left on more than one occasion).  Looked up the prescription and called in a refill.
Some two hours later, I had a brainstorm.  I had overnighted at MLC's last week after my physio session!  I know where the cream is.  And sure enough, there it was.  In a corner of my overnight bag.  When I got home last week, I had emptied the bag of the usual stuff, forgetting that the cream was there.  Called my physiotherapist's office again to let her know she could stop looking.  For sure she knew that my day had been a difficult one!

So, to play it safe, I'm not venturing out of the house today.  Gonna lie low and keep my distance from anything and everybody!

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