Friday, July 26, 2013

I guess I've had a busy week

What else could explain my absence from here?
Last weekend my little chickadee, Pauple, and my striking young man came out for the day on Saturday.  MSYM taught his father how to shoot the bow and arrow.  There's no opportunity for him to use the bow in the city so they will have to bring it out here for him to use it.  Tough luck that!  (Grandma's doing her happy dance.)
Then having done too much on Saturday, I suffered from "Mack truck" syndrome on Sunday so had to take it easy all day.
Apparently, I'll never learn.
Since I lost Sunday, I spent Monday catching up on household chores.  Hence, no time for playing on the computer.  (Blogging constitutes "playing" in my mind.)
Tuesday, I was out of the house all day.  That's my physiotherapy day and I had a few errands to run en route.  Seemed like an exceptionally long day out this time for some reason.  Perhaps I was still feeling the effects of those Mack trucks.
Wednesday was spent in the kitchen preparing for dinner with my step-son and a friend of his who wanted to talk cameras with John.  Normally, John is on dinner detail but I thought I should free up his time to concentrate on the task at hand so I took on the feeding task.  Good thing I did too because the three of them started talking right out of the car as they arrived, and the mouths never stopped -- until 10:30 pm!!!!
Obviously, I paced myself well though because I didn't suffer the Mack truck after-effect the next day.
Thursday of course is my massage day.  Normally I don't do anything on that day.
But this time day different.
I got up in the morning and immediately started preparing a batch of baked beans.
Then I put to boiling a dozen eggs. We keep a supply of hard boiled eggs in the refrigerator and it needed replenishing.  (Later in the morning I would peel them all.)
Next on the agenda was a dozen and a half banana muffins.  (That supply too had to be restocked.)
While I was at it, why not refill our bread crumb supply.  It too was getting low.
Suffice to say, my entire morning was spent in the kitchen.
Eventually it was lunch time and I hadn't yet done my treadmill.
I managed to get that in just under the wire, allowing myself enough time to shower before my massage therapist arrived.
The rest of the day was a write off because once I've had that massage, I just wallow in the wonderful after-effects of the therapy.

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