Sunday, July 7, 2013

First we play, and then we pay!

Gosh, life can be so mean sometimes!
Yesterday was such a delight.
The Jersey Boys show was faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan-tastic!
Our seats were awesome.  Mezzanine level box seats -- front four seats of an eight seater.  Incredible view of the stage!  The other three ladies accompanying me were mightily impressed!
And oh the music was divine.  I must say this production is far and away better than the one I saw in Toronto three years ago (sorry TO!).
The young man playing Frankie Valli (Nick Cosgrove) is unbelievable.  His voice range is remarkably similar to that of Frankie's.  Some of the solo numbers weren't all that great but when the four of them sang harmony -- well, you'd almost think you were listening to the real thing!  Of course, whilst driving into the city I had been listening to the real thing so I had all the numbers very fresh in my mind.
It was a most enjoyable Saturday afternoon.
But this morning?
Well, let's just say I'm paying the price big time.
My hips are so sore I can barely put one foot in front of the other.
My knees are inflamed (not yet fully recovered from the effects of receiving those Synvisc injections).
The shoulders and arms don't want to be raised more than about 30 degrees.
Suffice to say, I hurt all over!
What a pity that I can't go out and enjoy such an afternoon without suffering so.
Have I mentioned that fibro sucks?

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