Thursday, December 13, 2012

Trying another approach

Yesterday was beyond horrible.  I felt like one big bruise ... like a wet dish rag.  It was clearly the effects of coming off the steroid and it wasn't fun.  I was as weak as a kitten!
It took everything I had to get through my exercises and stretches.  Biking was out of the question.
John was seeing his doctor for his annual physical yesterday and I had managed to get an appointment with my doctor in the same timeframe (they share office space).  I really wanted to just let her know how pleased I had been with the effect of the steroids -- how wonderful it was to wake up feeling so terrific and be able to do things.   That was my intent when I had called on Monday and requested the appointment.
Our discussion turned to whether or not I'd be able to utilize the same protocol to enable me to go to Spring Training in Florida in March.  Well, that's a no-no.  This really was a one-time deal.
She did suggest, however, that we could try a very  low-dose steroid on a continuous basis.  But if we do that, I will also have to take something to protect my bones from the effect the steroid will have on them.  She gave me a months' supply to try it.  If it gives me relief, I will take the steroid daily, along with yet another drug to protect my bones.  Where does it end?
This approach, she hopes, is temporary.
Because she is confident that my surgeon will agree to perform a bursectomy and then I won't have to take the steroid.  To that end, she gave me a letter to present to the surgeon, in which she requests that he discuss a surgical solution for both hips.  I assured her that the bursectomy of my right hip would not happen until such time as he is actually replacing that hip (I think).
My physiotherapist has also agreed to provide me with a report from her perspective.  I will ask my massage therapist to do the same when I see her today.
Seems to me that if I provide the surgeon with ample evidence of my not being able to benefit from having had my hip replaced, he will be amenable to making that right.  He is, after all, a reasonable man and he wants his patients to enjoy the full benefits of his work.
In the meantime, here's hoping that the low-dose steroid helps get me through the Christmas holiday in relative comfort.

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