Sunday, December 9, 2012

Today, it's only half a million bucks

The steroids would appear to interfere with sleep.
On day one, I was awake 'til 2:30am and up by 5:00am for the day -- barely three hours sleep.
Fortunately, I managed a nap that afternoon and caught some much needed z's.
Had a good night of seven hours' straight through sleep on night two though.
But last night?
Went to bed quite exhausted at around 9:00pm after a very demanding day of completing the challenge of putting together my Christmas village.  (It's lovely but the photo will have to wait.  The photographer was asleep by the time I finished.  He'll take a shot at twilight tonight when the lights on the village can be viewed properly.)  I tossed and turned 'til about 11:00pm and now I'm up at 3:00am -- looks like for the day!
The good thing though is that there's still no pain.
So why do I say that it's only half a million bucks today?
Because while I feel physically wonderful, I am really quite fatigued.
The physically improved me wants to do - do - do.  But the fatigued me can't quite keep up with the physically improved me.  Difficult to reconcile that!

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