Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sorry folks ...

Sorry for the lack of posts.
I've been rather preoccupied with Christmas.
Santa brought me such wonderful presents and I've just been basking in the quiet time that the holiday affords me.
I've already finished one of the books I received.
I'm deep into solving a jigsaw puzzle (once I start, I can't pull myself away ...).
So you'll forgive me if you don't see me here for a few days.  The puzzle I'm working on is a bit of a challenge.  But I really do love the escapism that solving puzzles provides me.  (I don't actually need escapism right now but that's what I get from doing jigsaws.)
The 'roids continue to do their magic.  So much so that on Christmas Eve, we delivered chocolates to our neighbours -- on foot.  Yes, you heard me, we walked.  And for the uninitiated, our neighbours  are a ten minute walk down the road!  Now, THAT's progress.
Today, we celebrate my good friend LC's 60th birthday.  LC is my other daughter's mother.  Usually, for her birthday, I go into the city and we go for dinner at a favourite restaurant, then we go back to her place and drink wine.  I spend the night and the next morning I head home.
This year, being her 60th, is a little different.  I will still go into the city and we will still go to our favourite restaurant for dinner.
But, unbeknownst to her, when we get there, she will find that a group of her close friends is also there.  As will be her son and his family, her daughter and boyfriend who have arrived from Toronto earlier than she was expecting, my daughter and her family, and my husband (whom I will have dropped off on my way to get her).
I'm not actually staying overnight either.  After dinner, her daughter and boyfriend are taking her to the Casino for an evening of fun and, hopefully, winnings.  (I don't do Casinos -- it's just not my thing.)
So LC, sure hope you enjoy your surprise!
Happy Birthday to you!

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