Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My hair - four months later

Here we are, four months after shaving my head (well, technically, four months plus one day).
This is what it looked like at four months less one day (on Monday of this week):
Then I went to my hairdresser, who "cleaned it up" for me.  Trimmed it all around, fixed the straggly back.
She cut humongous amounts of hair off me. (Unbelievable, really, how much hair was on the floor when she finished -- considering what she started with.)  I was worried she was leaving me with no hair.  Problem is, my hair is very thick at the back and she had to make sure that she left me with something that would grow out properly, for what I want to achieve.
I always hate my hair after a haircut -- any haircut.  But my hair grows so quickly that it has to be cut in such a way as to "assist" the growth pattern.  My hairdresser knows what she's doing and she really knows hair; (she especially knows my hair, given that she's been cutting it for 35 years).
It doesn't look much different in the front since she didn't have to do much with that, but it sure feels different.
So now, this is what I'm left with.
Like I said, my hair grows quickly.  It won't look like this for very long.

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