Saturday, December 1, 2012

Grammar Nerds?

I've talked here before about my penchant for correct grammar.
My poor little chickadee was drilled incessantly while she was growing up.  It was so bad that when a friend stayed for dinner (or an overnight visit), she would warn them, "Careful how you speak, my Mom will give you a grammar lesson."
The favourite of course was, "Jenn and I were ..." (not "Me and Jenn were ...").  As she caught on to the correction, I would simply have to say, "Would you like to try that one again?"  Then as she got older, she would say, with a grin on her face, "You weren't even there Mom!"
Anyway, all this to say that my little chickadee has blossomed into just as much a grammar nerd as her mother. How do I know this?  Because she does the same thing to her son as I did to her.  And he is getting very good with the rules too.
My only hope is that my striking young man grows up to be a grammar nerd too.  Because when he reaches high school, I would like to believe that he'll be able to appreciate the humour in this poster that my daughter found, courtesy of  Vintage Books & Anchor Books.
I love it!
Grammar nerds?  You bet!  And proud of it too!

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