Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Those Mack trucks are back!

Damn it anyway.
I managed so well on our 10-day vacation.
The body is a funny thing isn't it?
I knew by day seven that my body had had the biscuit.  I was really dragging bottom by then, but I had to keep on truckin', as they saying goes.  And I persevered.
On day eight, I took it slow and easy to try to 'catch up' a bit.
And it helped.
But day nine took it all out of me.  I did the driving from Waterloo to St. Marys, to attend the Induction Ceremony at the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame (boring!).    Then I again took the wheel for the drive from St. Marys back to our Toronto host's home where we were staying overnight before heading home the next morning.
I was really done for after that drive!
John did the complete drive home from Toronto on Sunday.
And I've been trying to get ahead of the curve ever since.
I managed to get the laundry done (there must have been five loads!) and put everything away so I feel 'settled' but my body is screaming at me from every muscle and fibre.
Yesterday, I had to go into the big city for a dental appointment and for my physio treatment.  The physio session helped tremendously to calm me; it always puts me in a very mellow frame of mind.
But this morning, I awoke again feeling like five Mack trucks had bounced me back and forth between them all night long.  Classic fibro flare-up!
Sure hope it doesn't last long because I've already tired of the overall fatigue and the complete muscle soreness.

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