Thursday, June 7, 2012

Finally, fifteen!

Ta da!  I finally managed fifteen minutes on the stationary bicycle.
I had been stalled at ten minutes and was becoming quite discouraged.
But this morning, I jumped on that bike determined to push the envelope.  Wasn't much of a push though.
I actually did the fifteen minutes with relative ease, although I was working those last two minutes!
It would seem that the deterrent now is my knees!
That's right.  My hips are no longer holding me back.  My damned knees are another story altogether though.
I can finally almost do the stairs like a normal person again (after injuring my ankle and suffering the setback that came with it).  'Cept my knees are not liking the pressure -- especially going down.
The right knee is much worse than the left, but both are fairly sore.  I even woke this morning with throbbing pain in the right knee -- I was not impressed!
I recall that my physiotherapist told me that it was to be expected that the knees would start yelling at me.  They are the next weight-bearing joint in the body and now that my hip is fixed, my knees are simply reminding me that they, too, are arthritic and deserve attention.
I'm acutely aware of the arthritis in my fingers, my shoulders, my knees, my right hip ... and now having suffered two serious sprains of the left ankle in close succession, it's only a matter of time before it too starts yelling at me.
But hey -- my left hip gives me no trouble whatsoever!
And I can now do fifteen minutes on the bike.
I'm on my way ...  to where, I know not.

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