Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hello, Mrs. Fawler?

I knew right away it was a spam call. But I thought I'd stay with it to see where it was going.
"Yes," I replied.
"This is the Hydro Company," said the voice.
"OK," said I.
"We see that you always pay your bill on time," said he.
"OK," I repeated.
"We would like to reduce your hydro bill by 40%."
"All you have to do is plug a device into any outlet in your home, and it will convert every appliance in your home to an energy saving appliance," claimed he.
"OK," said I again.
"You will do that?" he asked.
"OK," I repeated.
"We will send you the device and the paperwork," he offered.
"OK," I said.
"Just to verify that your address is RR 2, and your postal code is K0A 1A0?" he asked.
"OK," I said.
"And just to verify, Mrs. Fawler, what is your first name?" he asked.
"You must have that information," I replied, "since you called me."
"But just to verify, Mrs. Fawler, what is your first name?" he repeated.
"You must know that," I repeated, "you called me, and if you know that I pay my bill ..."
"OK, Mrs. Fawler, we will just send you the paperwork and the device," he said.
"OK," I concluded, as I hung up the phone.
I checked the origination of the phone call -- it was from Oklahama, USA.
I'll give the device and the paperwork all the attention it deserves -- when (and if) it arrives.

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