Monday, June 25, 2012

22 weeks post-op

Today marks 22 weeks since my hip replacement surgery.
It also marks another milestone in my recovery.
While we were travelling, I went down to the hotel's hot tub every day and used the jets to help me while I was not having my normal therapies (acupuncture and massage).  It helped tremendously and it was amazing how much easily I could do my exercises in the hot water.
It was there that I discovered I could crouch enough that perhaps I just might be able to get into the tub when we got home.
And this morning, I finally managed to take a bath in my jet massage tub.  Oh what relief it was!
Unfortunately, we discovered that the back jets are not working -- something we had no way of knowing since it hadn't been put to the test in the past five months.  Fine time to find out!  One of the main reasons I use the tub is for the back jets.  
Anyway, we'll get that problem fixed pronto now that we know I can start using the tub again.
My surgery was performed on Monday, January 30th.  
July 30th also falls on a Monday -- that will be precisely six months since my surgery.
I'm told that by the six month mark, there should be nothing that I can't do.

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