Friday, June 22, 2012

I can hear again!

OMG it is wonderful to have my hearing back again.
On Wednesday, at 5:00pm, precisely 48 hours after that damned wick had been placed in my left ear, John very carefully removed it.
We had been watching the ballgame (my boys lost!) and I couldn't hear the commentary at all.  John assured me that the volume was at an acceptable level -- but nothing was coming through to me.  I had not been able to hear since the wick had been put in my ear, driving John mad with the need for him to yell to be heard.
John removed the wick and Eureka! I could hear again.
"Why is that television so loud?"  I giggled.  (John almost always has the volume at a higher level than I like.)   Once I put my hearing aid in my left ear, the television volume was at an unbearably loud level for me.  It was really quite amazing.
So, it would seem that I really don't hear with my right ear -- apparently even WITH the hearing aid.  Makes me wonder why I just paid $300.00 to have that hearing aid fixed!  I had no idea that my right ear was so useless to me!  This exercise really brought home to me just how dependent I am on my left ear for ALL my hearing.
My hearing was restored just on time for our dinner engagement with a good friend of mine whom I hadn't seen in several years.  I had tried to connect with her last year when we made this trip but it hadn't worked out.  This time, we made sure it happened and we had a delightful visit over dinner at a local establishment.

Yesterday, we went to Stratford to catch up with the gang that worked in the constituency office for that area's MP when I worked in his Ottawa office (from 1988 to 1993).  We have maintained contact all these years and whenever any of us is in each other's neck of the woods, we get together and have a grand old time discussing the glory years.  Unfortunately, the former MP wasn't able to join us this time. (I did see him on our visit last year.)  It's hard to believe that 2013 will mark 20 years since the electorate "fired" us.
The waiter very nicely offered to take a photo of us -- John is standing in for the absent former MP.

Today, we're going to visit my baby sister and her ever-growing family.  Her five offspring all live in the area and will gather at her home for the occasion (with the exception of her one daughter who is living up north for the summer).  There's also a new granddaughter whom I'm looking forward to meeting.  It's a busy gathering, but fun.

Tomorrow, (on MSYM's 11th birthday!) we're attending the Induction Ceremony for Rusty Staub into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame at St. Marys.  Our Toronto host will meet us there.  He and John are really looking forward to seeing Rusty and hope to get a chance to chat with him.  We'll go back to Toronto for the night.

On Sunday, we'll finally make our way home.  We're both ready to be there!

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