Friday, June 15, 2012

Amelia to Amelia

The latest addition to our family tree is named Amelia Rachel.
Now, I'll find out later today why the name Amelia was chosen. (I already know from where the Rachel comes).
But MFN was intrigued to learn that her 3rd great grandmother (her daughter's 4th great) was also named Amelia.  It didn't take her long to inquire as to the actual relationship.
Amelia (Burchall) and William Gizzard had nine children, our direct ancestor (Richard Henry) being their second to last.   Their third born (Frances aka Fanny) would years later live with her younger brother and his wife to help raise their children.
Richard Henry Gizzard and his wife Mary Elizabeth (Docker) had eight children; our direct ancestor, Sarah, was their sixth.  They named their first daughter (their second child) Amelia. Their first-born, William, named two of his daughters Amelia -- one was Ellen Amelia and the other was simply Amelia.  Sarah is the one who was eventually sent to Canada as a British Home Child and is responsible for our being Canadian rather than British-born.
Sarah (Gizzard) and Samuel Sharpe (another British Home Child) had twelve children; Dorothy, (my mother, MFN's grandmother) was the sixth.
Dorothy (Sharpe) and Richard Cherryholme had eight children; their son Richard (my brother) was their first born.
Richard Cherryholme and his wife, Enid (Brown) had five children; Shannon is their youngest.
When Shannon Cherryholme married Randy Ruisendaal, she inherited two lovely daughters and has now added two more to the fold.  And without knowing it, MFN named her daughter after her 3rd great grandmother (the baby's 4th great).
This is just outlining one branch of our family tree.  We are a large lot indeed!

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