Monday, June 11, 2012

Nineteen Weeks Post-op

That's right -- today is nineteen weeks since my surgery.
Hard to believe; seems like just yesterday.
The scar is really not all that unsightly. Some people have stretch marks that look worse!
I'm walking like a normal person, most of the time.  I say 'most of the time' because some of the time, my SI joint causes me a little trouble; other times, my knees give me pause.  When it hurts to walk, I try not to limp, really I do.  I understand the importance of maintaining a proper gait so I try to do that as much as I can.
Stairs are still a bit of a challenge.  I can go up like a big girl -- one foot at a time -- as long as I have support on the right side.  Down stairs are another matter altogether.  Still have to go two feet on each step AND use the railing.  I'm told it could be another month or so before I can go down like a big girl.
I still can't crouch.  I don't know how much longer it will be before I can lower myself into the bath tub so I can enjoy my jet massage bath.  There are oh so many days when I could really use those jets!
But the real story here is -- I have no left hip pain.
And that is huge!
No longer do I get up from sitting and feel like my leg is going to buckle.
Since having my left hip fixed, my right hip is not nearly as painful as it used to be.  Suggesting that we might not have to undergo another replacement quite as soon as was originally thought.
And that is huger! 

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