Monday, December 26, 2011

Now that's behind us

OK, the big day is behind us now.
And what a pleasant big day it was.
We were up early (as usual) and opened our stockings in bed.  Then I made John have his fruit juice before he was allowed to open presents (carry-over from my childhood).
We each received an abundance of goodies.  (There are never many surprises around here, although John did manage one this time -- kudos to him).
Once the gifts were behind us, it was time to shower and get ready for the most enjoyable part of what has become our Christmas tradition.
We go into the city to join my little chickadee and her family for Christmas breakfast.  I've lost count of how many years she has been hosting this event now but it must be at least eight (since MSYM is now ten).
The drive to the city was a little harrowing because the roads were just a tad slippery but I took it slow and easy and we turned a normally 45-minute drive into just over an hour.  Best be safe, I think.
The breakfast was fabulous, as it always is.  And as has become the tradition, we were also joined by my good friend, RLR, who is like another mother to MLC.  
My striking young man has come to expect that his Christmas mornings are shared with this special group of people and it is endearing to me that he feels that way.
We opened gifts after breakfast, with MLC playing Santa Claus and MSYM playing his helper.
Then we sat around and gabbed.
The weather continued to get uglier as the day wore on so we headed out just before 2:00pm.
It took us until shortly after 3:00pm to get home -- again, a 45-minute drive taking over an hour.  The roads were truly treacherous.  Fortunately, everyone was driving with suitable caution.
Once home, we unwound from the stressful trip by sitting quietly with before dinner drinks.
Then John set about preparing our "Christmas dinner" -- pheasant breast with stuffing, rice, and carrot/turnip mix.  It was delicious!
We were both exhausted and had little difficulty hitting the sack very early.
Trouble with that is ... I'm up very early to start the next day.
Like 3:30am today.
But I must admit I had a little help ... violent foot cramps drove me from my bed at that ungodly hour.  The cramping has been becoming quite an issue again of late.  I'm not sure what I can do about it because I don't know what is happening to cause them to have increased so dramatically.  They also seem to be limited to my feet now whereas before they were always in my calves and feet.
The only real difference to my regime is the recent addition of folic acid, iron and B-12 to my daily intake (to help build up my blood before my surgery).  I can't see that any of those would affect cramping but one never knows for sure, does one?  Especially with my crazy body!
In any event, I guess it will be a long day today.
I have lots on my plate today too.
Have to get ready for our family brunch tomorrow.
Christmas all over again!

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