Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My hip replacement surgery

I finally got the surgery call to have my left hip replaced.
Monday, January 30th is the scheduled date (that's only 53 more sleeps folks!).
I've got to admit -- I'm scared to death.
But at the same time, I'll be so glad to have it done (knowing full well that I will then have to wait to have the other hip done).
I'm told I'll receive a call from the hospital to book my pre-op appointment.
I'll also receive a questionnaire in the mail, which I am to complete and return to the doctor's office.
Canadian Blood Services will be in touch to arrange the drawing of my blood (I opted that my own blood be used in the event that it's necessary).
The hospital will call me the day before my surgery to let me know what time I should arrive the day of the surgery.  (A first morning appointment has been requested.  Please God, let me be first morning -- no waiting around all day for me with no food in me!).
I should know that there's always a possibility of cancellation, notwithstanding all that has gone before.
OMG, I'm scared to death!
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