Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another fun weekend ahead

Blogging is becoming more and more of a challenge of late.
There just doesn't seem to be time any more.
Before I know it, the day is behind me and I haven't put anything to paper, as it were.
I promise to be more diligent in the days ahead.  At least I'll try, anyway.
This weekend, my stepson and his lovely wife are here again, staying in their trailer.  It's opening season for duck hunting and he and my husband are going to spend both early mornings up in the woods waiting for their prey.
That means having a hearty breakfast ready for them when they come in with their bounty, cleaning up from that meal and then preparing the evening feast (a chore usually left to John).
Today's ballgame is an evening one, which is unusual for a Saturday, so I may or may not see it all.
And tomorrow, the schedule starts all over again.
I must say though, I am enjoying this time with my step daughter-in-law (she who is a year older than I).  She's a lovely lady.  It's such a joy getting to know her and finding out that we are very similar in so many ways.
And, as she puts it, she is learning so much from her new "Mummy."

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