Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh for a night's sleep

This will have to be a quick post.
After a fun-filled week-end with my stepson and his wife, I'm now facing a busy week.
Today, I head into the big city for an overnight visit at my little chickadee's place (time for a haircut again!).  And this trip will be combined with a dinner with my other daughter who is visiting from Toronto so that's a nice bonus.  I haven't seen her in quite some time.
Tomorrow morning, I'll take my beautiful boy for breakfast before delivering him to school and then I'll go to my early morning doctor's appointment (which is why I'm overnighting tonight).  Following that appointment, I'll meet my good friend, RLR, for breakfast and we'll sit and chat until close to noon to be sure.
Then I'll head home.
I'm hoping to move my usual Thursday massage to Wednesday because ...
On Thursday morning, John and I will go back to the big city to see the dermatologist.  We'll find out the results of the biopsies that she took at our last visit.  She'll have to do another biopsy on John, unfortunately.
All of this comes on the heels of my not getting enough sleep for way too many consecutive nights.
I'm starting to move to the wrong side of the sleep deprivation scale.
All because of my hips.
Since that last steroid injection wore off, it seems that my hips are worse than they ever were.
At least sleeping has become a bigger challenge for me.
Nothing is comfortable.
Not even sleeping on my back.
The CPAP machine almost forces me to sleep on my left side but I simply can't stay that way for any length of time.
Sleeping on my right side is totally out of the question on many levels:  the machine blows cold air onto John; my right hip simply won't tolerate the pressure; and the mask won't stay on properly for some reason.
Once I go onto my back, it seems that my snoring is such that I work the mask right off my chin, suggesting that I might have to resort to a chin strap in addition to all the other paraphernalia that I already have to wear!
There just don't seem to be any easy answers.
I guess once I get my hips fixed, all these issues will be moot, but in the meantime ...
... I need a good night's sleep.

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