Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's going to be a long day

Uh oh, now I'm in trouble.
Here it is, just 5:15am and I'm already up for the day.
We didn't go to bed until after midnight last night.
Got sucked into watching the baseball wild card races and one went into rain delay, while two went into extra innings.  But oh they were exciting finals.  Come-from-behind wins on two fronts made for a fabulous wrap-up of the regular season.
Now we head into post-season, without my beloved Blue Jays of course.
So I'll cheer for the Tampa Bay Rays to take the American League Pennant (although the Yankees will be favoured to win).
I'm torn about the National League.  My fave pitcher, Roy "Doc" Halladay plays for the league leading Philadelphia Phillies and I know how badly he wants that World Series ring.  But Johnny Mac is playing for the Arizona Diamondbacks and they also have a chance.  Johnny wanted a chance to play in the post season and he's getting that.  Just how far into the season his team will go remains to be seen.  Would be nice to see them take it all.
I guess I'm hoping to see a National League team win the World Series in 2011.  As long as it's either the Phillies or the Diamondbacks.

We have to go into the big city this morning to see the dermatologist for the results of the biopsies she took at our last visit.   And she has to do another biopsy on John. Our appointments are at 9:15am and 9:30am.  If our last visit is any basis of judgement, we'll be a while. 
Hopefully, we'll be back to this neck of the woods on time for me to partake of my weekly massage therapy session.  My therapist was due to come to my home at 1:00pm today but I spoke to her yesterday and told her to wait for my call since I didn't know what to expect with this appointment this morning.  If I get back on time, I will go to her.  She told me that if push came to shove, I could get there as late as 2:00pm.
Here's hoping I can at least make that later timeslot.

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