Saturday, September 3, 2011

Turning our home upside down again

Here we go!
We're about to turn our home upside down again.
But it will be oh so worth it when it's finished.
For about the past six years I've been nagging that the wood floors need to be refinished.
'Cept my lovin' husband wanted to do it his ownself (he thinks he's still 25 years old).
Of course, like everything else, the timing is just never right.
There has been reason after excuse why it couldn't be done (hunting season, too cold, too hot, hunting season, too cold, too hot ... you get the idea).
Added to the mixture was the fact that, whenever the job happened, I would have to disappear for the varathaning portion of the exercise.
Well, last week, while John and our local handy-dandy handyman sat around admiring the latest improvement around here, John made the mistake of declaring thusly:  "Well, as much as I resisted doing this, I must admit that it looks good and I'm glad we did it."  (He was referring to the landscaping that I insisted be done out back since the addition of my sanctuary.  And it IS an improvement around here.)
So, never missing an opportunity, I commented, "Yes, if only you would not be so stubborn about getting the floors done, you might find out that you'd like that job too." Or words to that effect.
Our handy dandy worker man was all over that.   "What about the floors?"
A discussion ensued about how I've wanted to have the floors redone professionally and John wants to do it his ownself yada yada yada.
I threw into the mix that the perfect time to have them done would be while we're away next week (we're finally taking our long-promised trip to SW Ontario).
Again, our handy-dandy handyman was all over that.  "John, I can do that for you while you're away."
John thought on it and decided that perhaps it would be workable.
He knows the worker.
He likes the worker.
He trusts the worker.
This is even better than hiring pros we don't know to be here when we're away.
We've now worked out the logistics (we think) of how we're going to get everything moved and out of the way (thank God for my sanctuary!) so the floors can be sanded and varathaned in our absence.
Two worker men will be here Tuesday morning to move furniture.  (In the interim, we will move all the small stuff.)  I've also arranged for the area rugs to be picked up on Tuesday so they too can be cleaned.
We leave on Thursday morning.  (Packing might be a bit of a challenge.)
The floors will be done while we're away from Thursday through to the following Wednesday.
And when we return, a worker will come back to help us put everything back together again.
Sounds like a plan to me.
Oh, and at the same time, the eavestroughing man will be here taking care of that little detail around the outside of the house. 
If we keep this up, this place is gonna look like a regular high-livin' abode.

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Heather and Kathy said...

sounds like a good plan! Have fun on your vacation!