Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I haven't suffered a flare-up

This is absolutely amazing!
It really is.
I went away for a week, came home to an abundance of physical work that needed to be done (returning my home to its natural state after having the floors refinished), we've had company since Saturday ...
... and I haven't  had a flare-up.
Perhaps I haven't had time.
My body might decide to rise up and revolt one of these days, if I ever have time to stop perhaps.
Half of our company left yesterday, the other half has gone hunting with John today.
I have to make the round trip into the big city today for my physio session and tonight will be the first opportunity to really "stop."
We'll see what state I'm in tomorrow when everything truly has returned to normal on the home front.
I do know that I paced myself very carefully while we were away, and John was very good about helping me do that.
And since we've been home, I took things slowly while returning items to their proper homes in the household.
The "company" we had was a delight -- my stepson and his wife have parked their new trailer out back of our house and they wanted to spend some time in it.  So we had them here for a few days and it's always nice to have them around.  He helps John bring in the firewood and take care of any other labour-intensive jobs that need doing.  She helps me with whatever needs doing in the house.  (And of course we always enjoy sitting around talking while the boys are working.)
So maybe, just maybe, there won't be a flare-up.
Won't that be a bonus?

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