Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hospital Inefficiency

Twenty days to go, and still no word from the hospital.
Should have heard from them by now about all the pre-admission stuff that has to happen prior to a surgery.
I called the surgeon's office last week to question why I hadn't heard yet.
They were stymied.  A check with the Admissions Office revealed that my referral was missing one of the forms, so they hadn't bothered following up.
Ummmmm, you think maybe you should have?
Turns out my file had "fallen between the cracks," as it were.
So, the surgeon's assistant completed the form with me over the telephone.  Said she was taking it down to Admissions right then and I should hear from someone pronto.
That was last Thursday afternoon.
Still waiting.
Of course, it was a long week-end.
But really, if things don't get done soon, my surgery is at risk of being cancelled for lack of proper documentation.
Now, I know that they can get the ball rolling fairly quickly (some people are called very last minute when cancellations occur, and their surgery happens with only a week's notice).
But I prefer to have all my ducks in a row.
Gosh inefficiency annoys me!

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