Saturday, September 6, 2014

Finally, a solution

Looks like the problem of my dry mouth with the CPAP machine has finally been solved.
After all this time!
I went for a pre-surgery check up on Thursday and asked a very specific question:  "What in hell is the trick to putting on the nasal mask anyway?"
I knew there had to be a simple solution but I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do to get a secure fit.
Some nights I had it.  Others, not.  And even on the nights I did have a good fit, if I moved, I lost the fit and therein set the dry mouth.
I've only been struggling with this nasal mask for nine months!
Anyway, she had me show her how I put it on.  (I had the right process, just the wrong technique.)
Then she told me what I needed to do to correct the technique.
Voila, a secure fit!
I could feel the difference right away.
Now, after only two nights of wearing it with no disruptions to my sleep, I awoke this morning and realized that I've not had the dry mouth issue.
Three years later, problem solved.
Perhaps I'll actually start gaining some benefit from using the drasted machine now.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bonny. I am also on disability due to fibromyalgia. I took Lyrica around 2006-2007. It never helped me. Last year I started taking Cymbalta, I was skeptical but it does help me. You should ask your MD about it. I was also told by the specialist in London, Ontario that diagnosed me to pace myself.