Sunday, September 21, 2014

One more day!

OMG now there's only one more day.
As it draws ever closer, I have to admit -- I am nervous!
Admittedly, not as nervous as last time, but nervous nevertheless.
It has certainly been affecting my sleep for the past week. But I think I can honestly say the anxiety stems more from worrying that I have forgotten to do something that needs doing (OK, that I want to have done) before I am temporarily sidelined.
My worry wheel is in overdrive!
That all comes to an end today though.
Because whatever I haven't taken care of, won't be taken care of.
Oh well.
Somehow, he'll manage.  I'm sure of it.
On Thursday, my massage therapist arrived bearing gifts for the kitchen to lighten the load while I'm incapacitated.
Earlier that day, our neighbour (Baby Briella's mom) was visiting with her darling daughter and offered to cook for us while I'm rehabbing.
Yes, I think he'll manage just fine.

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