Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Hearing Aid saga

Saw my audiologist yesterday for the routine follow-up since getting my new digital hearing aids.
And I had issues to discuss!

  • My left hearing aid has what is called a "t-coil" which allows me to use the telephone.  At least it worked with my previous device. Didn't work worth a s**t in the new one.  Kept switching on and off, on and off, on and off the entire time I was on a call.
  • We also discussed the matter of my only having two volume level increases when there should be four.
  • And the fact that John found my comfort level for listening to the television much too loud.  (Now that's a switch!)
  • Plus, switching from one program to the other was very onerous indeed.  Should be much more simple than it is.  The button that allows for the switch just doesn't seem to respond as it should.
It was quickly determined that the unit needed to go back to the lab for repair.  Obviously there was something seriously wrong with it.  Fortunately, I went armed with my old device since I was anticipating exactly that outcome.
As soon as I put the older device in my ear, everybody was talking much too loud for me.  Unbelievable difference!  Took me a while to adjust even to my own voice again.
And when we got home, I found that my comfort level for the television now matches John's lower level.  The level I had been needing is now much too loud.
Go figure!
The repaired hearing aid likely won't be back before I have my surgery so John will be tasked with playing courier for me.  He might have to make a few trips back and forth before we get the programming just right but I'm confident we will get there.
Technology.  So much fun!

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