Monday, September 15, 2014

One week to go!

Well folks, by this time next week, it will all be over but the rehab!
Yep, my right hip will have been replaced and I will be in post-surgical pain.
But I won't be having arthritic hip pain!
People have been asking me if I'm nervous or anxious about this surgery.
No, is the short answer.
Not like last time when I was truly scared about everything associated with the experience.
This time though, I know what to expect and I am more fit than I was then.  I'm also 25 pounds lighter than I was then.  Surely that has to account for something in terms of expected outcome.
I had my pre-admission session last Friday and everything was very positive.  Didn't even have to ask that I be given general anesthesia.  The anesthesiologist suggested it himself.  I quickly agreed of course.
My file has been clearly marked that I am NOT to be given Dilaudid following the surgery.  Morphine in the pump, or Codeine by mouth.  That's it.  
Hopefully they won't try to push any anti-inflammatories at me this time.
They don't always pay attention to the chart but my advocates will be there looking out for my welfare while I can't be.
This time, I also know what to do in preparation for the big day, in terms of packing and getting the various pieces of equipment ready for my arrival home.
The walker is assembled and ready to go.  (We'll put that in the car when we leave to go to the hospital, just so it's there when we need it to bring me home.)
I will put together the bathtub transfer bench later this week.
The reacher, long shoe horn and the sock aid are in place, ready for my use.
So now it's up to me to stay healthy for this last week, and to eat well and stay strong.
Can't have any wine though.  Bummer!

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