Saturday, August 30, 2014

Uh oh, my weight conundrum

Uh oh, in spite of my best efforts, my weight continues to drop beyond what I set for my goal.
Apparently I'm supposed to eat at least 1700 calories a day in order to maintain. 
And therein lies the problem for me. You'll recall that I struggled to eat a minimum of 1200 calories a day while I was deliberately losing weight.
Do you know how difficult it is for me to hit that 1700 calorie threshold each day?
I haven't done it one day this past week.  I've barely hit 1300!  Of course, I've been on antibiotics for the past week so I haven't been able to enjoy my daily wine intake.  And that wine usually helps me get close to the prescribed daily caloric level. 
Now, with the higher caloric need in order to maintain my weight, I really really need that wine.
I know, I know, many of you wish you had my problem.
Be careful what you wish for!
Perhaps, over the next ten days, while I'm able to have wine again, I'll get back on track.  (By "on track," I mean I might manage to ingest about 1400-1500 calories a day, including the wine!)
But for the week before my surgery I again won't be able to have wine.
And naturally, I won't be imbibing whilst I'm in hospital, however long that might be (was a full week last time).
So conceivably I could be going another two weeks without wine.
Then as I recall from the last rehab stint, using that walker really burned the energy and I lost weight through that period.
Uh oh, I could be in deep do-do for a while insofar as my weight is concerned!

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