Sunday, August 3, 2014

My new hearing world

I am so enjoying my new hearing world.
This streamer/mic combo is working really well.
Last week I was putting the combo to many tests.
A friend from the Stratford area had visited for the weekend and on her last day, she insisted on taking me out for lunch.  At the restaurant, I wore the streamer and we placed the mic on the table between us.  Every word she spoke came directly to my ears with amazing clarity, in spite of the buzz of the busy establishment. When the waitress approached to take our orders, she pointed to the mic and said, "What's that?" in the most quizzical of voices.  I explained that it was a microphone which allowed my dining partner's voice to be directed at my ears, she bent into the mic and said, "OK, I'll speak directly into it then."  We all three had a chuckle!
Later that day, MLC and MHYC and I were at Wendy's Restaurant for dinner.  This would be a good test!  With the mic again placed on the table between us, MLC -- ever the comedienne (and brat extraordinaire!) -- says, "Can you hear me now?"
In a softer voice, "Can you hear me now?"
Leaning back into her seat, "Can you hear me now?"
Turning her head away, "Can you hear me now?" 
Picking up the mic and almost shouting, "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?"
YES, stop that!!!!!!!! OUCH!
She really can be such a brat sometimes.
Later that evening, I placed the mic in front of her television speaker and was actually able to hear the show we were watching.  The downside?   I couldn't hear when she or Pauple were speaking to me.
"You mean now, when I need to speak to you, I have to mute the TV?" she asked in frustration.
"Guess it's either that or constantly repeat for me what is said during the show," I replied.
The icing on the cake though was the next morning when MHYC and I went for breakfast.  He wore the mic around his neck.  Again I wore the streamer.  We were able to converse during the drive to the restaurant.  I was able to clearly hear him place his order.  And when I asked a question during our breakfast, I could actually hear his response.  The first time.  What a joy!  I'm sure he appreciated the fact that he didn't have to repeat everything for me.
I have paired the streamer with my cell phone and tested it in action.  Makes talking on the phone much easier.  The clarity is amazing.  Based on those results, I was able to give John a suggestion for a birthday gift for me.  He will be taking delivery of the unit that connects with the home phone on time for the big day.  Once connected, I will be able to take calls without picking up a handset.  And I'll be able to hear what's being said.  Can't wait.  Hands-free wireless telephone access!
I've also paired the streamer with my iPad.  That allows me to play music (or any sound actually) and hear it as though I'm wearing headphones.  My iPad can be anywhere in the house.  Don't have to carry it with me, attached to a wire.  That's not a feature I'll use often, but it's there should I wish to.
When I tested the mic-at-the-TV-speaker setup at home during a ballgame, I discovered that I can wander pretty much all over my home during a game and and not miss a play.  The other night, I spent time in the kitchen cleaning up from dinner and could hear the game over the din of packing the dishwasher; I went downstairs to the laundry room (just to test its range); I went out on the porch; I even went to the washroom and peed!  Never missed a play.
Suffice to say, I am very much enjoying the wonderful freedom these new ears are giving me.  Guess I should have bitten the bullet sooner.  But, I have them now and my hearing world is good!

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