Monday, August 18, 2014

Happy Anniversary Sis!

Forty-one years ago today my baby sister married her childhood sweetheart.
My family took advantage of the opportunity to take a photo of all of us because it was the first time in many years that we were all together (and it has never happened again since).  We are arranged, from left to right, in order of age from youngest to eldest.  Our parents are seated in front of us.
Today, Susan and Dan are parents to five (two sons and three daughters) and grandparents to three beautiful little girls.
Next year, Susan will celebrate her 60th birthday.
But she will still be my "baby sister."
Happy Anniversary Sue & Dan!


Anonymous said...

It's great to remember life with our siblings, and to realize they'll always be our little sisters/brothers (if we're older). My little sister just earned her Master's degree, and it's hard for me to realize she's now much more educated than I am (having dropped out of university two months into it). Then again I've been married for three years while she's not even close, though she's been dating her boyfriend for much longer than I've known my husband. Happy anniversary to your sister!

C. Bonnie Fowler said...

Thank you Astrid, and thank you for reading my blog!