Monday, November 5, 2012

Yesterday was a rough day

Wow, yesterday was not a good day.  I guess what I had was a mini fibro flare up.
And I can only imagine it was a result of having had lunch guests on two consecutive days.  Too much for me, obviously.  But neither day was very taxing.
On Friday, a good friend of mine (we've been friends for about 35 years) came out for lunch with her husband.  It was the first time John was meeting them, although he'd heard about them many times.  There was no pressure.    Since I'm always up early in the morning, I made a dessert first thing.  The lasagna had been made a week before so I just had to take it out of the freezer and bake it.  I threw together a Caesar's Salad, and brought dinner rolls up out of the freezer.  Everything was very relaxed and we had a really good time.
On Saturday, both step-sons and my step daughter-in-law were here.  I brought a meat pie out of the freezer and popped it into the oven.  We made mashed potatoes and cooked some frozen kernel corn.  Added more dinner rolls out of the freezer and there was a full meal.  And there was enough dessert left from the day before that everyone was served a small slice of pie.  Certainly no pressure there.
Yet on Sunday, I woke up in extreme pain. My hands especially.
You might say I had a very bad hand day yesterday.  Went around the house in my "ready for surgery" position all day.
Consequently, I took an enforced R&R day.  Didn't have the energy to do anything else. (Although I did manage two loads of laundry.)  Watched a lot of my canned TV shows (thank God I had many in there to watch).
Last evening, I took a jet massage bath to try to soothe my aching muscles.
It must have helped because I feel much better this morning, although my left hip is still giving me some grief.   (What's up with that I wonder?)
I have an 8:00 am dental appointment in the big city tomorrow morning, so I'm going to spend the night at my little chickadee's place tonight.  That means I'll get to see my striking young man and collect a bunch of kisses and hugs.
Following my dental appointment, I'm meeting a good friend for breakfast, after which I'll stop and have my snow tires put on my car.
By the time I get home tomorrow, I should have been gone almost exactly 24 hours.
It's deer hunting season so John may or may not notice that I'm not here.


Dr. John Petraglia said...

It's always horrible when you have days of inexplicable pain. It's great that the pain has abated though. There are so many ways it can take over someone's life, and it's great that you are still able to do your Christmas shopping and other day-to-day activities. What other techniques do you use to help your pain?

C. Bonnie Fowler said...

I also use a TENs machine, the Acuball, an Acupen, my jet massage tub.
I have weekly sessions with a physiotherapist whose therapy includes head to toe acupuncture; as well as weekly visits from a massage therapist.
My daily regimen includes stretches, exercises and time on the stationary bike to keep me limber.
Each of these remedies helps in their own way.