Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Off to Ottawa today

I'm overnighting in Ottawa again today.  (Bonus -- collect kisses and hugs from MSYM).
My physio appointment is at 1:00pm today after which I'll stop in for a brief visit with my good friend LC (MOD's mother).  Then I'll head over to my little chickadee's place and hang out with Pauple until the others get home.  Not sure how we'll pass the evening tonight but we usually find something interesting to do.
Tomorrow morning, I'll take MSYM for breakfast (which I couldn't do last week when I stayed over due to scheduling conflicts).
After breakfast, he'll go to school and I'll go to the dental surgeon to have a root canal done.  Yikes!
Guess I'll have a rather sore mouth for the next few days.
Hmmmmm, perhaps John might cash in on the extra quiet time around here?

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