Friday, November 2, 2012

OMG, new therapy hurts!

My massage therapist recently learned a new technique that she just knows will benefit me.
But, she explained, she'll have to go very slowly with me.  (It's called 'joint cup release' and is part of the larger umbrella of orthopaedic massage.)
For the past few weeks she's been gradually introducing it during my sessions, without incident.
Until yesterday.
I guess whatever the progression she made yesterday was too much.
By dinner time I knew I was in trouble.  Before dinner really.
She left here at 2:00 pm and by about 4:00 pm, I was feeling the after effects.
When by 5:00 pm I was finding it incredibly painful to walk, I sent her an e-mail alerting her to my status so she could record in it my file while everything is still fresh in her mind.
I took extra pain killing meds on my way to bed.  Guess it wasn't enough.
I've had very little sleep to this point, and it looks like I'll get very little more.
Can't take any more meds.  I've exhausted the med pool until 7:00 am.
I swear the therapy didn't hurt one damned bit while she was doing it.  Honest it didn't!
Man, my body really has to be treated with kid gloves.

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