Saturday, November 17, 2012

Second attempt, same results

OK, only an idiot would try a third time.
And I'm no idiot.
I took a second dose of that oral Voltaren yesterday at lunchtime.
And by mid-afternoon, I was out of it again.
Couldn't even see my computer screen clearly.
Sat and watched television (actually, "tried" to watch television) and I have no idea what I saw or heard.
Dinner was a chore to put into me.
When I went to bed, it took me quite some time to fall asleep.  Kept dry heaving, and I was sure that I was going to wake up during the night vomiting.  (I didn't.)
When I woke at around 3:30 am, I was still a little woozy.
By 5:00 am, my head was back.  *Phew*
I won't be trying a third dose.
It's really too bad that the drug has that effect on me because it was nice to have not-sore hands for two days.
This morning, my hands are right back to being just as sore as ever.
Short lived benefit.  Obviously, the stuff only works if I take it.
The doctor will be disappointed.  But she shouldn't be surprised.
I mean really.  If a new patient of my age reports that she can't take Aspirin, she should be believed.  Would I have tolerated all these years of arthritic pain if I could have popped a pill and been done with it?  Really?

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