Sunday, November 25, 2012

Woo hoo, we've got TWO!

Our female pileated woodpecker showed up at the suet feeder this morning.
What a delight to see her.
The male had been around for some time now, visiting us numerous times throughout the day.  We worried that he was alone in the woods.
But now we know that there is at least one other bird, and she is of the right gender to produce babies.
We hadn't seen any of the species all summer. (The last sighting was in early April.)  In previous years, we had identified as many as six coming to our feeder.
We were really concerned that predators had gotten all of them. That would have been a terrible shame.
In the Spring, it is such a delight to watch the adults bring their young to the feeder to teach them how to "get by" in this habitat. 
But it's OK now because we know that we have two.
Woo hoo, all is right with the world!

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