Thursday, November 15, 2012


Thank God it's THURSDAY!
My root canal went much better than I had anticipated.  Technology has come a long way since the last time I had one.  This dentist was (is) a real sweetheart, very cognitive of the patient's comfort throughout the procedure.  (The chair massaged my back while she worked on my mouth.)  And she worked through a microscope.  I was amazed at how far her face was from my mouth!
I've had very little discomfort since.  Pretty impressive, I'd say.
Of course, I had a delightful breakfast with my striking young man yesterday morning before heading off for the dental procedure, so that was a bright spot in my day.  And what a wonderful way to begin the day!
Today has not begun nearly so well though.
I wakened repeated last night to reposition myself.  (Here we go again.)  Two hours is definitely my limit before I have to "change sides."  And to add insult to injury, at the 4:00 am wake-up, I suffered through an attack of diarrhea.
When I got up for the day (at 5:15 am), I had a headache.  It has become persistent.  I have to wonder if I might be coming down with something.  But what?
Guess time will tell.
In any event, as of this morning at breakfast, I am officially trying the "experiment" my doctor asked me to take up when I saw her back on October 18th.  She wants me to try taking Voltaren my mouth to see if it will give me relief from the arthritis pain that has been troubling me.  She is hopeful that since I tolerate the gel so well, I will be able to take the oral version of it.  However, when I filled the prescription, the pharmacist was alarmed because I have an allergy (intolerance) to Aspirin.  She alerted me to the fact that the medication is "very Aspirin-like" so I'll have to be cautious.  That is why I've held off taking it.
Until now.
I was getting such good results from the Tylenol Arthritis that I saw no need to introduce another medication unnecessarily.  But the Tylenol is no longer doing the trick.  So it's time to pull out the big guns.
The experiment starts today (with extreme caution).
We'll see how long and how many doses it takes before the vomiting and disorientation start.
But while I wait, perhaps it will kick-start some degree of relief.  At least that's what the doctor is hoping will happen (actually, she's hoping I'll be able to tolerate it but I think she wears rose-coloured glasses).
It is only because I know it won't kill me to test this stuff that I'm willing to try it.  Because if it turns out that I can tolerate it ... big time bonus indeed!
Anyway, today is Thursday and in a few hours my massage therapist will be here and all will be right with my world.

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