Thursday, November 22, 2012

Damned bursitis anyway!

My left hip has been giving me fits lately.
Yes, I said my LEFT hip.  The same hip that was replaced at the end of January.
You see, I've developed a large bump quite close to the incision.  Turns out that's what's causing the discomfort when I sleep.  The bump won't allow any pressure to bear so I can't lay on it.
Last week, my massage therapist wondered if it was the bursa but thought it was too far forward.  She said she thought it was scar tissue in the muscle, which is not unusual following surgery.  She explained how we could work together to massage the area to help decrease the inflammation.  In any event, we came up with the idea of using my memory foam neck pillow as a "donut" against my hip when I go to bed.  It works marginally.  (And it's a bugger to get into place, what with all the other paraphernalia I have to organize when I go to sleep!)
On Tuesday, I had my physiotherapist check out the bump and she too said she thought it was the bursa but it was too far forward.  She too said it was scar tissue that resulted from the surgery, a not unusual occurrence.  But she's no doctor so she would be more comfortable having it assessed before we started treating it (massage and laser would help decrease the inflammation).
Yesterday I saw my doctor and asked her to check it out.  She immediately declared it to be the bursa that is being pulled forward by scar tissue from the surgery.  She suggested we try a cortisone injection to see if that would help.
I'll try anything!
I now have to lie low for a week to ten days to let the cortisone do its job.
The massage therapist is not allowed to work in that area.
The physiotherapist has to stay away from that area.
I can't do my stretches and exercises (all of which involve the left leg), or my stationary bike.
And if this works, the bump may or may not disappear.  Depends on how much inflammation is present.  The cortisone will take care of the inflammation.  Once we get rid of that, then we can start massage and laser treatments to work away the scar tissue.  But in all likelihood, I'll be left with some degree of scar tissue (bump).  It just won't be painful.
We hope.
And if it works on the bursa, the doctor will try a cortisone shot in my left ring finger to see if we can get that inflammation under control.  Perhaps I'll soon be able to wear my wedding ring again.

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