Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I am soooooo impressive, indeed

I saw my physiotherapist yesterday and impressed the heck out of her.
At each visit, she always asks me how I'm doing, how my week has been, yada yada yada.
Of course, my "status" never changes much:  my hips are always sore, some weeks a little more than others; my mobility varies according to how bad my hips hurt, etc.
When I told her that I continue to do the stationary bike -- every day -- regardless of how my hips feel, she was  mightily impressed.  She agreed with me that I should continue, as long as I feel able.
And ...
I'm up to 30 minutes a day -- every day!
We discussed the pattern of my pain, all of which points absolutely to the deterioration of my hip joints (my right is catching up to the left!).
We talked about how my SI joint gets into the act as the pain increases in my hips and my gait is affected -- a natural occurrence with hip decline.
But she is so pleased that my activity level has increased to what it has, because any activity is good, and I have come so far from where I was a year ago.
I would be so much more impressed if only I could walk for even ten minutes without bringing on excruciating pain.
But I guess I have to wait until my hips are replaced before that's going to happen.
In the meantime, I'll continue with the stationary bicycle because I've finally found something that I can do without aggravating my pain.
And I'll settle for being impressive.

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