Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hairless again

Last evening, we had a dinner party.
Step-son, his beautiful wife, other step-son, sister-in-law and her husband.
Was a wonderful evening.  We don't see them nearly often enough.
Beautiful step daughter-in-law is again undergoing chemotherapy which is costing her her hair, again.
I told her I was in this with her and I meant it.
We said our hello(s) and headed straight for the bathroom where she again did the honours.
Now, since winter is upon us this go-round (it was August last time we did this), I will need to invest in a hat to keep my dome warm.
I very much dislike hats.
Never wear them.
I use ear muffs in the cold weather.
This winter will be an exception, for obvious reasons.
But regrets?  I have none.
My hair will grow back.  Unfortunately, that is not likely going to be the case for my darling Suzanne this time.
In the meantime, I will enjoy the benefits of my shorn look:
  • I will save money on hair cuts for several months.
  • I won't have bad hair days for a while.
  • Shampoo and conditioner costs will be way down.
  • Shower time will be reduced significantly.
  • My shoulders will appreciate the reprieve from shampooing, blow drying and curling my tresses.
You get the idea.
John and I have also decided that this time, as it grows back, I'm going to stop at the point where we liked it last time.  Not going to grow it out fully again.  Keep it quite short, and save my shoulders the ache of having to blow dry and curl.  That will be huge for me.

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