Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tummy tuck reschedule

So, already my tummy tuck is not happening on January 20th.
Apparently, the surgeon will be away the week of the 20th.
Can I reschedule for the following week -- Monday, January 27th?
Obviously, I accepted the change.
But when I entered the new date on my calendar, I noticed that my follow-up appointment at his clinic was already booked for Wednesday, January 29th.
Oops.  Gotta change another that one.
The scheduling assistant and I have been playing telephone tag since Monday.  We finally connected yesterday and she tells me that the surgeon will be away the first week of February, when I would need my follow-up.  So she will now check with one of his colleagues to see if he can take me for the required visit.
She'll get back to me.
The joys of trying to synchronize schedules when people are busy and in demand.
I'm sure we'll get things sorted out some time between now and January 27th.

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