Friday, November 1, 2013

Tummy Tuck update

My visit with my family doctor on Wednesday was very encouraging.
She explained that she would have the same concerns about our local community hospital's ability to deal with an emergency should it arise in the middle of the night, primarily because of the chance of my oxygen saturation level dropping significantly following general anaesthesia.  She too feels that my procedure should be done at a larger centre.
So, to that end, she was able to recommend two surgeons off the top of her head.  The first name she gave me intrigued me.  He just happens to be the husband of my dermatologist.  I had actually toyed with pursuing whether or not he did tummy tucks last time we were in to see her but we got side tracked talking about their year-old son.  Her husband, I knew, is a plastic surgeon who does the corrective surgery, when required, following the Mohs procedures that she performs.  They share the same suite of offices.
Anyway, later that afternoon, the tummy tuck surgeon called to say that he had the report from Monday's anaesthesiologist visit and unfortunately, he wouldn't be able to do my procedure.  BUT, he could recommend two very good surgeons who might be able to see me quite quickly.
And which names did he give me, you ask?
The very two names that my family doctor had given me that morning.
Now how's that for a coincidence?
He was able to give glowing recommendations for both surgeons, with the caveat that neither has the years of experience that he has since they are both younger men than he.  But they are both very competent and he wouldn't hesitate to refer anyone to them.  He offered to send a note to my first choice (my dermatologist's husband) to provide an intro for me.  I thought that was a very generous gesture.
Yesterday morning, I called the "new" tummy tuck doctor and made an appointment to see him for that initial consultation.
Wednesday, November 13th at 8:00 am.
Here we go again!

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