Thursday, November 28, 2013

It's Thursday

Aaaaargggh, such a convoluted schedule I have.
Normally, as you know, today is massage day.
At my home.
However, for this week only, that massage was moved to yesterday -- at the clinic -- because I have an appointment with my eye doctor right smack in the middle of the day.  That appointment involves a 40 minute drive on either side of it.
But, yesterday we had a major snow storm.  The first of the season.
We were snowed in and I had to cancel that rescheduled massage.  (This, after I had cancelled my Tuesday physio session because my Sunday/Monday had been too busy and I couldn't face the commute.)
Fortunately, my massage therapist has a block of time available this afternoon if I can make it to her clinic after my eye appointment.
You bet I will!
So, my formerly 1:00 pm Thursday massage in my home which had been moved to 1:00 pm Wednesday at the clinic has now been moved to about 2:30 pm Thursday at the clinic.
Got it?
Bottom line:  it's Thursday and I'm having a massage this afternoon.

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