Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The saga of my hands

This is getting tiresome.
Really it is.
Not to mention painful.
Last evening, for no apparent reason, my "mousing" finger (index finger of my right hand) decided to flare up again.
It's swollen, and angry, and screams in agony if it's flexed even slightly.
Which makes many day-to-day functions rather difficult, to say the least. Because that digit is used for many chores besides mousing.
Really it is.
What I don't get is -- when these flare-ups happen, why just one finger?  The rest of my hand is fine.  Well, as fine as my hands ever are.  Both hands are swollen (had to remove my wedding band again this morning), but they're not painful.
Other than that one finger.
Go figure.
There's just no rhyme nor reason to what ails me from one day to the next!

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