Friday, June 14, 2013

Synvisc Injections #1

OMG that hurt!
We did the left knee first, and it wasn't quite as painful as I remember last year's injections being.  (I took a codeine contin an hour before the appointment so that might have helped.)
Then it was on to the right knee.
The first attempt, on the outside of the knee, failed.  The doctor couldn't find her way between bone.
Over to the inside.  Still couldn't find her way between bone.
Back to the outside of the knee to try a different entry point.  If the third attempt didn't work, she was going to go find the doctor who gave me the shots last year to ask her to try.  Fortunately, the third time was the charm.  And by then, it didn't hurt at all (the three attempts at entry had been that tortuous).
The post injection pain has not been too bad at all.
I iced both knees last evening, when they were quite uncomfortable.
This morning they are just marginally sore and I have iced them again.
But here I am, ensconced on the sofa in the living room -- where I will have to "live" until 4:00 pm tomorrow.
Only two more rounds to go, on each of the next two Thursdays.
Short term pain and inconvenience, for long term gain.

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