Friday, June 7, 2013

Dammit, I did it again!

Last evening, I was super fatigued at supper time.
I was also feeling extremely "stressed" but couldn't identify any particular cause.
Then at bedtime, for some reason I went looking for my mid-day pill holder.
Oops.  It was still in my purse.
Where it had been living since Tuesday morning when I had to be at my final "fat class" for 9:30 am.  That class went until 11:00 am and my physio was at 1:00 pm in the city.  I wasn't going to come home between sessions so I threw my pill case into my purse, plan being to take the meds when I had my "lunch."
Yeh right.  I had my lunch (an Ensure) but forgot to take those pills.
And when I got home later that afternoon, I again forgot to take the pill case out of my purse.
There the case sat until last evening when for whatever reason I went looking for it.
That meant that I had missed my mid-day dose of meds on three consecutive days.
Not good!
Fast forward to this morning.
I was leaving the house at 10:00 am to go bottle a much-needed batch of wine.  Directly from there I was heading off to lunch with my Angel.
Once again, I threw the pill case into my purse.  Surely, I'd remember to take the pills this time!
You guessed it.
I just now remembered them.
At least today, I took the damned things!
At 4:30 pm.
Better late than never.

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