Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Off to the big city today

So I cancelled yesterday's physio session because I have to go into the big city today and I couldn't face two consecutive days of round trips.  (Overnight at my little chickadee's would not have worked this time because I would have had too much down time between appointments.)
Anyway, today I see the allergist to discuss Aspirin desensitization.  If it is something we can try -- and it's actually successful -- that would be a real boon for me because I would finally be able to take something for this damned arthritis!
Following that appointment, I'll come back to this neck of the woods and go to my massage therapist's clinic for a session with her (rather than her coming to me tomorrow).  We had to make a change to my massage schedule for the next three weeks because I'm starting the Synvisc shots in my knees tomorrow.  Didn't seem to make sense to have a massage and get all mellow, then follow it up with those very painful injections an hour later!  So massage it is on Wednesdays (but at the clinic because she can't come to me on Wednesdays), but just for a couple of weeks!
By July, we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming!

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