Monday, March 11, 2013

This and That

Our wild turkeys continue to entertain us.
One of them figured out how to eat from the suet feeder, and has taught the others how to do it.
Yesterday afternoon, I caught four of them gathered round the feeder, and two of them were pecking at it at once.  Fortunately, John was around at the time to get a photo.

Fun stuff!

It was my stepson's birthday on Friday, March 8th.
It was my son-in-law's birthday on Sunday, March 10th.
And it is my step grandson's birthday today, Monday, March 11th.
So we did the combined celebration for brunch at a downtown Ottawa restaurant yesterday.  We all ate way too much but it was a great way to do a party!
The Birthday Boys

It was a fantastic weekend for baseball too.
The World Baseball Classic (WBC) has been on and Canada played Italy on Friday afternoon.  (Canada got whomped but good.)
Canada played Mexico on Saturday and whomped them but good. (And had a much-talked about brou-ha-ha in the process.)
When we got home from the birthday brunch on Sunday, my boys of summer were playing against dem damn Yanks.  (We lost but that's not the point.  These are spring training games so don't count for anything.  We're getting to know the boys before the season starts.)
Then after that game, we watched another WBC game -- Canada vs USA.  What a terrific game it was too.  Until the 8th inning when Canada threw the game away to the US team.  *Sigh*
Truth be told, Canada simply doesn't grow enough talent to compete against the big boys in the World Baseball Classic. (Don't get me wrong.  We have some excellent ballplayers; just not enough of them.) *Double sigh*
So Canada was eliminated from the tournament in the first round and our players can now go home to their respective teams and resume spring training.
Welcome back to camp boys.  Now get out there, and play ball!

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